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Coverage in Bolivia


We cover 9 departments, 21 provinces and 34 municipalities.

We are in the process of expansion.


We take care of your deliveries
in record time.

We cover 9 departments, 21 provinces and 34 municipalities,

we ensure that your merchandise arrives in record time.

Remember that we are in the process of expansion


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For more information about our full reach, click on advise me and we will contact you.

To find out the extent of coverage in each province, click on the location icon.

Payment methods

We know how important it is not to lose a sale, that's why we offer different payment methods, so you can increase your sales.


COD payment

Payment against delivery


Mobile Payment

Payment by bank transfer y  applications


Why it is important
COD payment?

Cash on delivery is the payment method in which
a customer buys a product and enters the address of his destination so that when he receives his product he can pay.

1. Gain more confidence.

This form of payment guarantees the customer to pay when they receive their purchase to their satisfaction, thus generating more confidence

2. Attract more customers

It attracts more public because it gives the certainty of purchase security, since they will pay until they have the product in their hands. 

3. Better shopping experience

ANDThis payment method is the best experience you can give a customer because they will feel safer, more confident and therefore will continue to make more purchases.

4. Wide coverage of potential customers.

One of the characteristics of the consumer is its low bank penetration, with this payment method you reach this segment, in addition to the distrustful.

Why are mobile payments important?

Mobile payments allow you to accept payments for  goods and services from anywhere, either through a mobile TVP or mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

1. Cost reduction

Opting for mobile payments can help you cut expenses in a number of ways. You will not have to buy expensive POS equipment, paper or ink, because you can send receipts by email. 


2. Improvement of cash flow 

You have money faster and, since customers only need to have their mobile on hand to pay, you are more likely to receive payments from customers who prefer to pay with their mobile wallets. 

3. Greater convenience for customers

Customers will be able to complete their purchases even if they have left their wallet at home.

4. Greater payment security

Mobile payment apps use encrypted or protected code designed to shield customers' personal data.

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Do you want to grow your business, reach more people,but don't know how?

Contradelivery gives you the solutions that your company or venture needs.


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We prepare and customize your orders


We dispatch your orders in time record

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