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Privacy Policy and Data Management

Contraentrega Group confirms that privacy and security are very important and we strive to ensure that our actions, technical services, suppliers and our administrative side respect your data protection rights.

This privacy policy describes how we manage, process and store the personal data provided through the different channels, within the framework of the provision of our services. “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identifiable individual or their personal identity.

Contraentrega Group through its website, its social channels, points of sale and other activities, will voluntarily collect data from natural or legal persons who are interested in information and in the different products and / or services we offer, without any type of discrimination. This personal information of users, which includes name, email address, country of origin, zip code, telephone number and personal interests, will be used to send information about our services, offers, conduct satisfaction surveys, to internally evaluate traffic, Internal market studies for validation of products and/or services and any activity related to our services. The data collected may be modified, updated and rectified at the request of the user through the email or through the different mechanisms implemented for this purpose. We will never request financial data through digital channels unless it is required for the payment of the contracted services and we will use security areas (SSL) identified to comply with the requirements for the collection for this purpose.

We make use of "cookies" to control and store personal data, profile and segment the campaign, calculate audience data and deliver relevant information to users who have freely browsed the different digital channels. A "cookie" is a small piece of data code that our Web server sends to your browser. The "cookie" is temporarily stored on the hard drive of your computer which allows us to offer a more personalized service.

You have the possibility to accept or not cookies by changing your browser preferences. You can reset your browser so that it does not accept cookies or so that it indicates when one is being sent to your computer. If you choose not to accept cookies, your experience when visiting our website may be diminished and some of the services and options may not work as expected.

Contraentrega Group may, in the cases it considers, provide this information to other companies related to us (secondary use) to offer you promotions, events, news, products and/or additional services.

It is important that you keep in mind that if there are links to external pages on our website or other digital channels, those pages could request personal information from you. Contraentrega Group is not responsible for the use that these sites give to the information that you authorize them.

Contraentrega Group reserves the right to eliminate and block a user when he has provided false information, when he violates the policies and rules of the service contract or when during his use he deviates from the policies and values of the company.

The client authorizes Contraentrega Group to publish her/his name, without any type of compensation, when she/he has been awarded a prize and/or raffle awarded by the company.

At the time a user registers for our newsletter, events, promotions, contests, social channels or any additional activity, the client authorizes Contraentrega Group to provide them with commercial and advertising information about our company and the companies in our business group.

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